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Fishing For Life has numerous programs and events throughout the year in which we reach out to youth, families, and verterans in our community. Each of our programs have been carefully designed to be a positive experience for you, whether the the event is large or small. All of our events are designed to not only introduce us to one another, but find ways to deepen our relationships, as well as, connecting with the great outdoors.

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Noah’s highlights from his adventures with Fishing for Life include bringing in the “biggest catch” during a summer fishing trip. Noah was ecstatic to share the photo of that monster pike when he came home!

Noah also reflects on a devotional thought shared about how Jesus tells the fishermen to have faith by casting their nets on the other side of the water. He relates this to his life as there are times God calls us to have greater faith

These trips have given him an opportunity to meet other kids who have a faith in Jesus Christ. It’s been an encouragement to meet other kids his age following Jesus and growing in their relationship with Christ.

The Fishing for Life trips have also given Noah an opportunity to see God’s creation. There’s a lot of times scripture talks about how creation reflects God’s glory. Psalms 96:11 says “Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the seas resound, and all that is in it.”

Noah appreciates being out in nature and Fishing for Life has given him great opportunities to do so!

He’s been grateful for the opportunity!

This was written by Noah and his dad, Seth. Noah, age 12, lives in Osceola, WI with his parents Seth and Christine Spading, as well as his two brothers, Ethan, age 12, Elijah, age 5, and his sister Adelyn, age 3

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