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Our Fish-A-Thon program is a fun way for kids to help other kids while earning great prizes for themselves!
During the summer months, kids find sponsors to pledge a monetary amount for each fish the kid catches.  The money they raise helps a disadvantaged kid go to High C's Fishing Camp!
Help others while winning prizes?!?  What a great event!


Fish-a-Thon Information:

Registration for the 2017 Fish-a-Thon will be available soon!
Contact Brenda@FishingforLife.org for the latest details! 


The pictures below are of participant Austin who has raised over $12,000 for Fishing For Life through the Fish-A-Thon


Austin in his own words:

I would just like to say “THANK YOU” to all the people that donated! It truly amazes me how much we raise every year, no matter how bad the economy is, you guys are always willing to help people in need. This year we raised $2,544 which brings us to a grand total, of all the years put together..... *Drum roll please*..... $12,000!!!!! I can’t even fathom how generous our donors must be to reach that kind of money!

Justin (my mentor) and I were talking during this year's fish-a-thon about the quality of fish I catch every year, and how that is so unbelievably amazing and can only be a blessing... Now that is all great and exciting, but I would like to bring the focus back to what the fish-a-thon is really about. Whether I caught a million fish this trip, or zero, none of that really matters. What really matters is that over the course of SEVEN years, we have raised TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! I cannot say thank you enough on behalf of myself, and all of the kids who will use this money. Their lives just might be literally indebted to you!

Thank you so much again! 

Good Fishing to ya!


From Austin's Mentor: 

There are few precious things in life that you can stand back and humbly say you're proud of what you are accomplishing here. For Austin and I this is most certainly one of them. Thank you my friends for sharing in our adventures with us and your unbelievable support of the 2012 Fish-A-Thon!

Justin (Austin's mentor)


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